Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sagres (day 2)

Next day, we headed to Tonel beach again. It was a little bigger than the previous day, sunny and still no wind.

I decided to go in on the same place, and caught a few ones. But since it was a little bigger and the water sucked more around the big rock, I also wiped out a lot more, and got caught inside one or two times.

After the beating, I got out and tried the left side. It was great, glassy no rocks on the bottom. Started thinking I should've gone there sooner. Caught some fun lefts and rights and left exhausted, but smiling.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Heading west we didn't find any sun, so decided it wasn't worth moving further north on the west coast, and stayed in Sagres, in Tonel beach more precisely.

It was cloudy, almost no wind and nice 0.5m waves with some 1m sets.

I decided to go in to the right of the big rock. It was low tide, and there were some nice lefts breaking near the rock, but it was a little tricky, due to some currents always pulling you outside from the right place.

On the second time I went in the tide was a little higher, and caught some fun waves with only two other guys on the lineup (the guys in the previous photo).

Weekend in Algarve

Since June 7 was a holiday I took the 8th off and went on an extended weekend to Algarve with some friends.
Thursday started with a coffee on the beach on Praia de Porto de Mós in Lagos. It was the first time I saw people surfing there (most of them from a surf school):

It was small and soft so we decided to go to Sagres searching for sun and surf.

Monday Surf....

Yesterday we left work earlier and went to Guincho for a session. Me , hugo and gus.

It was alright, smallish but nice. The tide was really low and the waves were breaking a bit far away from shore. Gusy went in first, he got there before me and Hugo. It was really nice, very chilled, we all got a really good set of waves.

Here are some photos:


Friday, June 01, 2007

A new page!

So today me and Gusy quit our jobs and went surfing at the end of the day. Oh yes...

I went ahead and checked the spots, Carcavelos and S. Pedro. I went by Parede as well and noticed the people from Tubus Eternos were there. Carcavelos looked easier and S. Pedro looked real nice aswell but more difficult to get to the lineups. I phoned gusy and we decided to try out Carcavelos.

Man it was perfect, it looked not that good from outside but it was brilliant. I got this Love/Hate opinion of Carcavelos, when I'm catching wicked waves I love it, but when I can't seam to get any waves ... I just phockin hate it! Today it was fantastic. I caught 2 of the best waves I ever had. The first one was a quick drop to the right, grabbing hold of the left rail of the board, and just going mental! Perfect, couldn't even figure how I did it... The other one was a left, fast drop , bottom turn, fast left and a dude in front of me I was screaming my lungs out and the dude was looking back just smilling! Talked with the dude later and he just said it was brilliant aswell and loved to watch me riding it with the wave breaking behind me.

Gusy got some brilliant waves. The one I recall better is a left and a right in just one wave. Fast drop right, riding it mentally and when I tought Gusy was going to leave it and return to the lineup, e bottom turned left and rode it some more... You should've seen him smile ... just like a little kid!

Man ... I gotta go and get some rest... tomorrow I'll try Carcavelos again!
All for now