Monday, April 23, 2007


Very ...


The place

So today was a difficult day. Not many things seemed to be working from the start. I had no clue who was going to surf today, I knew I was going down to Riviera and get some, but had no idea who would join me. I was supposed to phone some of the guys at different times (one before leaving the house, one on my way to the beach, one when I was actually on the beach, and one when I've seen the sea and could report on the state) ....

So, woke up, phoned Hugo and tried to reach Helder who I was supposed to meet up with down at the beach. Got a call from Nuno and another from Gert who was going to join me today.

So went to the beach and finally managed to talk to helder, but he had left the beach already. Then got another call from Gert who was already parking the car.

The sea today was a bit higher than yesterday, but a lot softer... The first surf session went alright, the waves still had some strength to them. Managed to catch a few ones. Gert I think caught 2 or 3.
When I was getting out of the water I spot Delgado, who was about to go in. Discovered that Cunha was also at the beach. Went to get an Ice cream and find Hugo. We went to my car to get my other board and on the return we find Quintão and Nuno. So, at this point everyone was there except for Gusy and Bujas. Pretty mental, specially when I tought I was probably gonna be surfing alone or something.

The second surf session was a lot worst. Decided not to take my wetsuit cause it was starting to fuck the back of my knees...
A lot more people on the water this time, and there weren't that many waves today. The sea was starting to get really soft, only 1 or 2 from each set actually had the strength to be surfable... got a few still, traded board with Nuno to try out his 6'8.

Tomorrow going to see about a new wetsuit and get some more surf. Tuesday I gotta go to work , so no surfing on tuesday!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Holy Macaroni !!!

Oh yeah, we got a video from yesterday at Guincho. You can see me checking the waves, gusy on the background already rowing to the lineup, Cunha then smiles to the camera, and the we caught a lunatic running to the water but forgeting his board....

We also had a video from me giving solid advice to a girl that was surfing... Don't know if gusy uploaded it or not ...

Another small day

So today I went with bujas (and Susana and João) and helder to Riviera, the waves were really small but there was an odd one in each set that was slightly bigger than the others. It was smalla nd easy surf, really refreshing and not tiering at all. Caught plenty of waves... it was good .

We got some photos of today, and will upload them in time. For now, some photos from yesterday at guincho.

The place:

Gusy doing the wax move:

Me and Gusy preping:

Dog watching the surf:

More stuff:

A message from Cunha to the rest of the Portuguese speaking people:

Me behind the dune taking a leak:

More of Guincho:

All for now

Friday, April 20, 2007

Vacations .... finally !

So, from today and during 2 weeks, I'll be on vacation!
Guincho looks pretty sweet today, so I'll be heading down there for a quick surf session with Gusy (who is going to leave work earlier!). There were a few thunders and stuff a bit ago but seams to be over now... we don't really want to get phocked by a lightning yeah ?


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wait a Second ....

I forgot ... we got some photos from our "underwater crew" ...

Nuno ... going mediEvil on the thing :

Nuno... I don't know what happened here, but it is just a nice photo:

Gusy playing around:

... we were a bit tiered for the underwater photoshoot ... so this was the result...


Sundêêêêêê ......

Today was even better than yesterday! The waves were much much better, cleaner, a lot less people , .... perfect. Today it was me , gusy, delgado, hugo, cunha and nuno.

We dont actually have any photos of the surfing except for Delgado. We do have some of the after surf tripping session. Here we go :

Delgado surfing:

Cunha, lovin' it:

Gusy and Delgado appreciating Cunhas voyage ...

Cunha and Gusy sharing a moment:

Me taking some time off:

Nuno with the 330d... if anyone is interested, the 330d is for sale... let us know:

The dudes (except for delgado)... also, the strakar on the background is for sale...

Pretty sweet this weekend...


This Saturday was sweet. We all went to Riviera to spend the day surfing. It was me, gusy, delgado, bujas, helder, nuno and yes, hugo for the first time.
The waves were really nice, and we took a phock load of photos! Really nice ones !!! And funny ones ....

For starters, check out this one :

A perfect example, you see me, hugo and bujas on the foreground, you see (I think) helder on the background .... and THEN , on the left you see delgado performing what we like to call the "the devil's rowing" maneuver!!!! Oh bless him ... Priceless....

Gustavo surfing :

Hugo trying to get his first one:

Me on one:

Some of the guys, me, nuno, gusy, bujas and delgado:

Me and gusy:

Helder going for one:

Delgado doing one:


Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Boards in the House

Today was shopping day :)

No... it's not a wedding. It's my new 7'3":

Fins detail:

A new surfboard definitly puts a smile on your face:

The new Nuno's 6'8":

Rui taking an after-surf nap :P. As nothing to do with the new boards... but I had to post it ;)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter weekend

Went up north to Paredes this weekend. It wasn't that great but managed to catch some waves with my new 6'10.

Photos from sunday, stopped by Paredes first, went to check S. Pedro de Moel, but decided to go back to Paredes again. Should have stayed in S. Pedro though:

Paredes when i got there:

And S. Pedro de Moel:

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sunday, April 01, 2007

In case you are wondering

Gusy bought the board here :


New weekend, new boards ....

So, this saturday we went to carcavelos to get some waves. But before that, we went to buy a new board for Gusy. So gusy bought a 6'10, really really nice board, and the owner of the store lended me a retro board I was falling in love with to give it a go.

So Carcavelos was really shit... I hated it really. Waves were not that cool and I don't do it so well over at carcavelos ever (except when it is small and breaking far from shore. ). We meet Nuno and Quintao when we were leaving. Although the waves were really shit, Gusy caught a few with his new board.

Sunday , today I took my good old board to Costa and Gusy took his new board . The waves were way better than yesterday and we caught a good few ones. But apart from that the weekend wasn't that good...

Here are a few pictures of the new board, and the retro fish that we tried out.

Gusys new board:

And the Retro Fish:

On of the Malloy brothers with a Hessboard ... sweet :D