Sunday, April 15, 2007


This Saturday was sweet. We all went to Riviera to spend the day surfing. It was me, gusy, delgado, bujas, helder, nuno and yes, hugo for the first time.
The waves were really nice, and we took a phock load of photos! Really nice ones !!! And funny ones ....

For starters, check out this one :

A perfect example, you see me, hugo and bujas on the foreground, you see (I think) helder on the background .... and THEN , on the left you see delgado performing what we like to call the "the devil's rowing" maneuver!!!! Oh bless him ... Priceless....

Gustavo surfing :

Hugo trying to get his first one:

Me on one:

Some of the guys, me, nuno, gusy, bujas and delgado:

Me and gusy:

Helder going for one:

Delgado doing one:


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