Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sundêêêêêê ......

Today was even better than yesterday! The waves were much much better, cleaner, a lot less people , .... perfect. Today it was me , gusy, delgado, hugo, cunha and nuno.

We dont actually have any photos of the surfing except for Delgado. We do have some of the after surf tripping session. Here we go :

Delgado surfing:

Cunha, lovin' it:

Gusy and Delgado appreciating Cunhas voyage ...

Cunha and Gusy sharing a moment:

Me taking some time off:

Nuno with the 330d... if anyone is interested, the 330d is for sale... let us know:

The dudes (except for delgado)... also, the strakar on the background is for sale...

Pretty sweet this weekend...

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