Monday, April 23, 2007

The place

So today was a difficult day. Not many things seemed to be working from the start. I had no clue who was going to surf today, I knew I was going down to Riviera and get some, but had no idea who would join me. I was supposed to phone some of the guys at different times (one before leaving the house, one on my way to the beach, one when I was actually on the beach, and one when I've seen the sea and could report on the state) ....

So, woke up, phoned Hugo and tried to reach Helder who I was supposed to meet up with down at the beach. Got a call from Nuno and another from Gert who was going to join me today.

So went to the beach and finally managed to talk to helder, but he had left the beach already. Then got another call from Gert who was already parking the car.

The sea today was a bit higher than yesterday, but a lot softer... The first surf session went alright, the waves still had some strength to them. Managed to catch a few ones. Gert I think caught 2 or 3.
When I was getting out of the water I spot Delgado, who was about to go in. Discovered that Cunha was also at the beach. Went to get an Ice cream and find Hugo. We went to my car to get my other board and on the return we find Quintão and Nuno. So, at this point everyone was there except for Gusy and Bujas. Pretty mental, specially when I tought I was probably gonna be surfing alone or something.

The second surf session was a lot worst. Decided not to take my wetsuit cause it was starting to fuck the back of my knees...
A lot more people on the water this time, and there weren't that many waves today. The sea was starting to get really soft, only 1 or 2 from each set actually had the strength to be surfable... got a few still, traded board with Nuno to try out his 6'8.

Tomorrow going to see about a new wetsuit and get some more surf. Tuesday I gotta go to work , so no surfing on tuesday!

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