Sunday, April 01, 2007

New weekend, new boards ....

So, this saturday we went to carcavelos to get some waves. But before that, we went to buy a new board for Gusy. So gusy bought a 6'10, really really nice board, and the owner of the store lended me a retro board I was falling in love with to give it a go.

So Carcavelos was really shit... I hated it really. Waves were not that cool and I don't do it so well over at carcavelos ever (except when it is small and breaking far from shore. ). We meet Nuno and Quintao when we were leaving. Although the waves were really shit, Gusy caught a few with his new board.

Sunday , today I took my good old board to Costa and Gusy took his new board . The waves were way better than yesterday and we caught a good few ones. But apart from that the weekend wasn't that good...

Here are a few pictures of the new board, and the retro fish that we tried out.

Gusys new board:

And the Retro Fish:

On of the Malloy brothers with a Hessboard ... sweet :D


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