Monday, November 27, 2006

The Past two Weeks

Ok, so from now onwards, all posts will be in English, for two reasons:
- I've been taking shit from everyone saying that my mastering of the Portuguese language is shit.
- Because I know English a lot better than Portuguese

So, I'll start with two weekends ago (18 and 19th of Nov.) . The sea was a bit dodgy that Saturday, but still, during the Friday night, everyone was calling to know what was happening on the next morning. So ... In a moment of sanity, a bit of bravery, I decided that Saturday morning should be spent at Carcavelos. And so it was. Saturday morning everyone showed up at Carcavelos, it was me, Quintão, Bujas and Nuno. Gusy had decided to go to his home town and try to get some surf there. Well the sea was a bit bumpy and definitely not lined up. The sets were coming from all over the place, it was a bit big, not stupidly big, but big. The rest of the guys were struggling quite a bit to get to the line up... I must say we don't look that much in shape...But we made it. Nuno took one like a man, straight in his head, it was kinda beautifull. Diogo was hit with his own surf board (still trying to figure how he did that), Bujas was feeling not so good and caught one or two waves with the 7'6. I got two or three, but nothing worth remembering.

Sunday was another story altogether! I got up really late, like 4:30 in the evening. And just because I was curious I checked the beachcam for Carcavelos...Since it is the closest beach to home. My mind was just blown away ...4ft, cool sets coming in, not much crowd ... and me at home. I grabbed the 6'10 and raced down to the beach. Stayed there surfing till 19h, it was dark already when I left.. had been surfing for half an hour in the dark ... but it was that good! Managed to crack the 6'10 tip which I already fixed with an epoxy stick.

This last weekend the sea was huge, got to see a couple of dudes catching some waves down at St. Amaro, but never got around to get some myself. Quintão has just left for Czech Republic for some snowboarding, the rest of the crew were out most of the weekend getting drunk or whatever each one does when they are not surfing.

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