Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday .... finally ....

So yeah, today in PuertoLand (Portugal) is a national holiday (The day we got our independence from the Spanish people)... so we all went surfing!

Last night I think all of us got a late night, so getting up this morning was a biatch. Around 10:30 got a phone call from Nuno, who was sort of still asleep. I called Gusy (who according to him, was already up at the computer checking the beachcams) and we decided to go check out Caparica.

Caparica was cool, some 1m sets coming in, and some smaller ones as well. Pretty lined up the sets, not much crowd, almost no wind whatsoever. That said, the waves were perfect, could've been a bit more hollow but apart from that, it was just perfect.... much much better than being at the office working.

I think Gusy got a couple of pictures from the place and from all of us. I'll post them later. I also got a shitty video of Nuno passing by the truck on his bike. I'll try to upload that one as well.

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