Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend before Christmas

We had been waiting for this weekend for some time now. Saturday morning we were to decide whether go to Guincho or Costa. After much conversation online we decided to go to Carcavelos. Don't quite know why actually...

Quintão has the flu or something like that, so he didn't come surfing, but decided to come along and take some pictures. The rest of the guy were present: Me, Gusy, Nuno and Bujas. The sea wasn't that good. We arrived around 10:15 at Carcavelos. The tide would be rising till 12 o'clock. The waves were small, around 0.5m, not enough strength, so the surf wasn't that good. We caught loads of waves none the less. Gusy was well into it, with his 7'2 he was catching everything that resembled a wave. Nuno and Bujas were catching some as well, Nuno managed to stand on a couple which is wicked! I caught a good hand full of them, but I took my 6'10 semente from '91 shaped like a shortboard, and it wasn't the best choice for these waves.

Around the time we left some bigger waves were starting to show, but we were too tiered to continue. This was around 13:30.

Quintão stayed on the beach taking some pictures of us surfing (or so I though) but apparently he was taking pictures of every girl on the beach.... and we ended up in about 20 photos of the 200 he took... So although we caught around 20 good waves each we got pictures fo us surfing 2 or 3 of the shittiest waves of the day!

Still, here are some photos of saturday (the one of Gusy is quite a good picture tho...) :

Gusy cutting a 0.5 wave:

Me, on a shitty wave:

Nuno, about to catch a proper one:

A random girl (we got around 50 photos of her... So if you are reading this blog and you are that girl ... I believe Quintao wants to know you a bit better...) ... but it you look closely, the two dudes on the far right of the picture are me and Gusy ...

Nuno on the Left and Bujas on the right:

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