Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

So a new year is year, and loads of news to be reported from the past few weeks.

I'll start with a departure. One of the 6'2 we had is going to go away. Nuno will be selling it ASAP to convert it into money! On the other hand, he has just bought a brand new 7'10 epoxy board. Very very very sweet. We haven't tried it out yeat, but it is going to be loads of fun to surf with. Not as wide as the 7'6 but it is sure to be a wave catching machine. I got it at my place at this mo and I'll try to get some pictures of it in here as soon as possible.

Also, away with the long hair. Just had a hair cut a couple of days ago. Lookin' pretty sexy I must say! Have had girls faint on my sight in the past few days... it will take me another few weeks to master this new found power!

Now, more important issues, no surfing going on for the past weeks for me. Gus had some surfing during the Christmas break, but nothing much. We'll try to get some this next weekend. I was thinking about Caparica or something like that, so we can test drive the new 7'10.

I think it is all for now. A Happy new year to you all.

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