Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekend report

This weekend we got some surf going over here. Saturday we went to Costa quite early (11 o'clock there) and got the low tide. It was quite alright. Got a couple of good waves , but my arms started to get tiered really fast. Still , we were in the water 3 hours and a bit. Gusy was surfing good. Nuno was there aswell and caught one or two waves.

Sunday we went surfing around 4 in the afternoon. We caught the high tide. The sea was a lot worst than on Saturday. Getting on the outside was really difficult. We basically stayed there just playing around with the smaller waves, and Nuno was catching some rides, which was wicked. Finally tried out the 7'10 and it was really good ... smooth riding and stuff.

We got no pictures of this weekend... really sorry!

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