Thursday, February 01, 2007

Some Misc Photos

Just decided to post some photos of us this last year.

The dudes ... from left to right Nuno, Quintao and Gusy:

Paredes ... perfect sets:

View from Bar do Moinho after surf session at P.Grande :

Roger.. on top of Gusys car:

Nuno on our first night surf session:

Paredes again ... sick sets ....

Happening ... yeah ... another pre-work surf session:

Praia Grande, our best surf day there:

Paredes, during Christmas:

Me and Nuno at Caparica:

Hummm ... yeah:

Me and Gusy:

Praia Grande :

Again, Quintao astonishes us by taking photos of random people... disregard the random dudes and check the wave on the background:

Me rowing to middle of Guincho:

Everyone on the inside:

Arty photo:

Nuno about to get some:

Sparc after a surf session:

Quintao, under water:

Gusy, about to take a shower, before going to work (7am, at Guincho, pre-work surf):

Bujas on his really shortboard:

My sister:

After running into some rocks:

Again ... Guincho :

Random dude at Carca:

Nuno on the lift off:

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