Friday, July 27, 2007

Oi Oi !!!!!!

Oh yeah !!!

Today, Thursday, there was some hope that there were some waves around here so we could do a "after-work" session. Around midday it wasn't looking good, but still at the end of the day Hugo and Gusy showed up aroudn y place.

Gusy drove by Carcavelos and Parede and told us that he saw some waves over at S. Pedro. We decided to go over and give it a look. It didn't look that good so we decided to check out Guincho. Guincho was mental, wind and sand all over the place and the waves were really big ... so we decided to go back to S. Pedro and get some waves over there.

So when we got to S. Pedro some set were coming in and they looked good! Like, unbelivable! We went in through the rocks and bang, I droped in on Gusy and caught the longest wave I ever surfed. It was excelent and Gusy wasn't that pissed... and caught a few Himself.

At some point I got caught on the inside and got hit by a few waves on the head. I didn't fancy it that much and therefore decided to get the heck out. It was already around 9pm and it had been well worth it! Gusy came out a few minutes later... it was excelent!

Still waiting for the few photos that Hugo took with his cellphone.

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