Monday, August 06, 2007

Broken board

So, last friday we went all to Guincho.We got there and it was really small, so Gusy decided to leave and have no surf. Me and Hugo decided to stick around , get some sleep on the sand and then check to see if the waves were catching up.

We woke up 1 hour later and the waves were a bit bigger so we decided to catch a few. I surfed with Hugo's board, a 6'4, which was really really nice. I'll be buying a new board soon, probably a 6'4. It was really nice and fun and fast ... loved it.

Saturday there was no Surf, but Sunday we decided to go to Caparica, which was really nice. It was late afternoon and the waves were really nice and big. Hugo had a small accident and broke his board... it is getting fixed now.

I caught a few really nice one. Here is the best photo of the day :

All for now


Camiseta Personalizada said...
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Joe said...

O fotógrafo tb tem mérito!!HAHA

SysHex said...

O fotógrafo estava atento !!!