Thursday, May 31, 2007

This week

So I'll just skip these past 2 weeks. They were good, we surfed quite a bit in Costa and Guincho.... but that is about it.

The one time we all went to Guincho, it was Hugo's first time. He didn't like it that much. It wasn't working that well, but it was good enough for us.

This week I was feeling depressed as hell, so I missed out on a lot of action! Tuesday Gusy and Hugo went to Guincho to surf at the end of the afternoon. Apparently it was perfect! Gusy told me Hugo was going about with a smile from ear to ear, giggling and shit. Gusy said he caught a few beauties...

On Wednesday Hugo went again to Guincho and it was good enough. I couldn't go because I got to work at around 11:30 .... and couldn't bail out in the middle of the afternoon to go surf ..... Gusy stayed at work aswell.

Here are a few photos :

Fuckin sweet hey ?
Hopefully it will be good this weekend at guincho aswell!
All for now

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